"Young Stars of Cajun Music "Wall of Fame" 1999


Ross Richard, age 9 from Carencro. He plays drums.

Mary Tweedel, 9, from Church Point. Mary plays accordion and is learning to play fiddle and drums.

Wyatt Foreman, about 18, plays accordion, bass and guitar.

Kira Viator, 13 from Crowley. Kira plays accordion, drums and fiddle and sings. Kira has released her second CD in 1999.

Karlo Broussard, 16 from Crowley. Karlo plays accordion, bass and sings. Karlo released his first CD in 1998.

Sean Vidrine, 16 is from West Lake. Sean plays accordion and bass and sings.

Maegan Benoit, 17, from Rayne. Maegan plays accordion, drums, guitar, keyboard and sings Cajun, Country and Rock 'n' Roll. She and her mom and dad, Lee and Valerie all play music.

Louis Dronet, about 17, from Lafayette. Louis plays fiddle.

Mitch Lanclos, about 14 from Carencro. Mitch plays accordion and owns his own DJ service with his dad, Eugene.

Adam Broussard, 12, from Breaux Bridge. Adam plays drums and is learning to play bass.

Derek Hebert, 12, from Broussard. Derek plays accordion and bass. All of these youngsters play Cajun music professionally.

Brittnay Baudoin, 10, from Lake Charles, sings Cajun songs.

Matthew Courville, 13, from Carencro. Mathew plays accordion, guitar, bass, horn, piano and sings. He recorded his first CD in 1999, which is dedicated to his deceased Grandfather.

Ke Ke Bourque, 16, is from Catahoula. Ke Ke plays accordion and sings. He, like several of the other Young Aces, has his own band called "The Bad Boys".

Hunter Hayes, 9, from Breaux Bridge. Hunter plays accordion and sings Cajun and Country. He has appeared on many national television shows. He released his second CD this year.

Adrian Brasseaux, about 16 from Church Point, plays accordion. Otie Buillard, 10, from Carencro, plays fiddle.

Chris Dwyer, 12, plays drums.

Courtney Granger, about 17, from Eunice, plays fiddle. Courtney is a regular with the Balfa Toujour Band and tours with the group. He released his first CD in 1998.

Kaleb Trahan, 14, from Creole, plays accordion. He recorded his first CD in 1999.

Aaron Chesson, 16, from Port Arthur, Texas, plays accordion, fiddle, drums, guitar, and sings.

Seth Guidry, 10, from Arnaudville, plays accordion and sings Cajun songs.

Hilary Guidry, 6, from Arnaudville, is taking fiddle lessons and she sings.

Joel Martin, 12, plays accordion, guitar and sings.

Adam Pousson, 17, from Eunice, plays accordion and fiddle.

Chris Segura, 15, Berwick, plays fiddle. Chris plays with the Fuefollet Band and recorded their first CD in 1999.

Bryson Simoneaux, 15, plays drums.

Damon Troy, 18, plays accordion, bass, guitar steel guitar and sings Cajun, Country and Swamp Pop. He recorded his first CD in 1999.

Chevy Foreman, 12, from Duson, plays bass.

Blake Thibodeaux, 15, plays accordion and sings.

JC Carrier, 15, Lafayette, plays accordion.

Adam Guidry, 12, Abbeville, plays drums.

Erin Daigle, 12, Lafayette, plays accordion, triangles and sings. Erin has her own weekly talk show on a local television station.

Dane Monic, 9, Baton Rouge, Dane has been playing the accordion for two years. He has played with Louis Monic, Déjà Vu, Tout Les Soir, and Feufollet. Aside from the diatonic accordion, Dane also plays piano and guitar. He is currently learning how to play the fiddle. Dane's first CD release, titled "Spirits of the Bayou," features all of the members of Boudin; it was released in March of 2000. dmonic@amedisys.com


With the exception of Aaron Chesson being from Texas, all of the other Young Aces mentioned are from Louisiana. And eventually, these young artist will all have their own web sites. I must say it is wonderful to work with these very talented artist and their parents. Merci a tout. Thank you all. Come back and visit, and please tell your friends about us!!!!!


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